Our Projects

We support a number of projects which help children in very difficult circumstances and also focused on healthy environment. Here is a selection of our most unique projects.



DSC02670Gift of Health

At the Free Dispensary Project at Dhabeji, Thatta, Tavuun Welfare Association have a philosophy of care that is humanistic, empowering, and transdisciplinary, where the community is the teacher. We believe that healthcare needs to be transformed, not only that we need access to care for all, but access to an approach to health care that helps people to transform their lives.



Education for all is the best step to achieving poverty reduction. The general citizenry is ignorant of how public funds are spent. If people are well informed they can challenge the government of the day and leaders can show some responsibility towards the poverty reduction programmes.
Matongo Maumbi, Chikuni, Monze, Zambia

We endeavored that’s why established middle school in Dhabeji is a practical step towards increasing the literacy rate in the surroundings. Founded to help promote quality education Dhabeji nurtures the future leaders though the well-defined curriculum and dedicated focus beyond the class room.
DSC02788The school provides the Primary Years Program — Prep to Grade 6.

  • There are total 9 (females) teachers including one female Principal. There are two male attendants.
  • It is mixed gender school having strength of 200 students (120 girl and 80 boys).
  • Nominal fee of Re.30 is being charged (if affordable).

There are 13 classrooms, seat 18 to 20 students, with computer facilities in computer lab.


Other School facilities are:

  • Fields for games and assembly
  • Free books, stationary and uniform
  • The school structure is well maintained, all amenities (washroom, clean drinking water) provided.
  • Free medical

Charity for needy

11709587_10153436984961718_5124025288180930833_nCharitable services are undertaken by the Tavuun Welfare Association for approximately around the year. It is a specialty and uniqueness of Tavuun that its services are persistent throughout the year in some form or another. During winter, flood and earthquake, blankets are provided to destitute persons sleeping in the open; when Eid-ul-Azha arrives, Qurbani meat is distributed to poor families; when Ramzan arrives, arrangement is made for distribution of Ramzan ration; emergency services are provided at the time of crisis.

Ramzan Ration Distribution: During this month, in view of Ramzan, distribution of Ramzan ration packages has been undertaken among 150 poor and destitute deserving widows and deserving both in Lahore and Karachi.