Plastics are resistant to natural decay and, when buried in a landfill, are unable to decompose due to the structure of a modern landfill. The dense, dark, oxygen deprived landfill does not allow sunlight to penetrate, and here, plastics can last for hundreds of years. Wheat grain is a living organism and continuously respires. The respiration process is slow at low moisture and temperatures but as the temperature and moisture raises the respiration also increases. The respiration process generates heat that is not quickly dissipated because wheat is a poor conductor of heat. When wheat is stored at high moisture and or temperature environment it respires rapidly. This process goes on and the wheat gives off carbon dioxide and water vapors and itself loses weight.

In case of jute bags the bag absorbs the moisture, which is then dissipated into the environment. In case of pp bags it gets trapped insi26de the bag and therefore causes the wheat to cake. Since the process of respiration continues the wheat becomes mildew and is attacked by fungus.

PP bags left exposed to sunlight even under tarpaulins disintegrate into powder and get mixed with the grain. The wheat received by the flour mills is polluted fine powder of PP bags that will then be consumed by humans and animals.

The disintegrated powder of the PP stays in the environment fore-ever, being non-biodegradable and can never be disposed of.

PP bag powder is known to contain deadly elements such as lead, cadmium, and chromium, Copper, nickel and zinc. The antioxidants in the fabric are known to have caused skin irritation in certain climates. The inhalation of the high nickel concentration can cause acute and sub-acute poisoning. Nickel dust and Aerosols of Nickel metal, nickel oxide and others are carcinogenic. Antimony dioxide used as the stabilizing and flame proofing agents in PP is also carcinogenic. Therefore it poses major hazards for the health of all living beings be it humans, animals or vegetation and plantation.

Tavuun Welfare Association is planning to launch campaign against its use for procurement. It is shocking for any environment friendly person since know the procurement and usage of polypropylene bags is damaging human health and environment.