Future Plan

Tavuun Welfare Organization wants to educate girls and women to enhance their confidence levels. The organization is still in its early stage but  re doing small scale work which can be supported to reach out to the female population of Lyari.

Tavuun is well placed in the community to implement this activity since have collaboration with Lyariites, girls and women actively participate in activities organized by them and look up to them.

Project Details

Education in six months.

Relationship building, understanding different perspectives and promoting community engagement can be key parts in such contexts. Values education, a strategy to implement values, is inherent in most approaches used to promote peace and social cohesion and are typically designed to be transformative and cultivate understanding, knowledge and awareness that reflect human rights, dignity and respect. These ideas shall be incorporated into the workshop and demonstrate the use and applicability of values based approaches particularly for engaging young people in resolving issues and contributing to solutions in their communities.

Peace education and conflict resolution education can be understood as life skills, built around the notion of care and compassion for other human beings.

Promoting the rationale of peace for social transformation and stability in the selected area:


Education Program seeks to;

  1. a) Introduce philosophy of peace to individual, teachers, school children and people at large to:
  2. b) Motivate the individuals of different walks and faiths of life to devote themselves for the promotion of peace and tolerance.
  3. c) Involve the communities to explore non-violent action for conflict resolution.


Other Objectives:


1) Identifying the causes of disharmony and mobilizing masses for tolerance by weeding out biases either in the policies, laws or provisions in the constitution.

2) Publish materials, hold trainings, interactive exchange and art competitions, exhibition on peace issue (broad and focused groups)

 3) Linking up peace activities in the respective areas.

Strategies of Implementation

The project is proposed by a series of discussion with the local communities, review of baseline data, and also minutes of the Tavuun meetings.

At the initial start of the school project, Tavuun will rent 4- class rooms, 2- toilets, and staff houses, and also equip the school gradually with teaching materials, such as text books and the supply of water.

Tavuun will invite the donor representatives and members of the government to carry out their own independent evaluation for the successful completion of the project. Continuous monitoring of the project will be conducted by the Tavuun executive and representatives or potential sponsor to ensure that the project achieves its goals and objectives as set out in this proposal.