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Founders, staff, pioneer students and their families along with local police celebrated the opening of free school with an inauguration ceremony on 21st of November, 2015 at Moosa Lane, Lyari. The school is a joint effort of Woman is a Nation Organization (WIN) in collaboration with Tavuun Welfare Association, Karachi and local community.

Speakers say that Lyari – is an infamous ‘no-go area’ being home to lawlessness, politically motivated violence and crime. The person that suffers the most in this situation is the youth/student. Despite all this, young people are optimistic, but miss the little joys and celebrations of life.

Youth can play a key role in the country’s future. They must study hard in order to rebuild our country, and make it a better place for coming generations. The young blood of violence-stricken has HOPE IN MIND and needed a platform to learn necessary leadership skills for their peaceful crusade._MG_3154

“This initiative is a pilot project to enlighten the children on how to be a responsible citizen,” said Mr Younus Soomro, former President Karach Customs Agents Association and former Chief Police Chamber Liaison Committee KCCI. “The opening of a school not only opens the path to knowledge for a child, but also opens up several limitless opportunities for people, especially in the periphery areas.”

The building currently has two classrooms with a capacity of 100 students in two shifts. “We are hoping to extend the registration process to allow full student strength,” said Mahira Ahmed, President of WIN.

Currently the campus in Moosa Lane can cater up to 120 students. “Work is underway to expand the campus or move it to a larger locality within Lyari to more students,” Mahira said.

The school inaugurated by DSP Mr. Anwar Ali Shah and Mr Younus Soomro.