Who We Are


We operate in the fields of education, health, environment, human rights, Women Empowerment, Youth Initiative, poverty alleviation/reduction and other key aspects of Social Development. We are dedicated to socio-economic change in Pakistan, as in by fighting poverty, ignorance and apathy, offering our services.

Mission of the organization is to make a contribution to poor and under privileged people of Pakistan by providing them education and basic healthcare facilities. We at Tavun involve the people of Pakistan in the process of development of Education, Gender, Healthcare, Media and Environment.


  • We believe that EDUCATION is a critical requisite for socio-economic change, regardless of race, class, culture or religion.
  • To look at issues concerning access to education and that every child has access to a meaningful education.
  • To act as a market development facilitator, and designs and manages projects that will enable poor communities to meaningfully participate in markets. To operate as a facilitator with the goal of making markets work for the poor. To eliminate poverty through sustainable economic empowerment of both individuals and communities, thereby creating self-sufficiency and restoring the hope, self worth and the power to choose of the economically disadvantaged